Bill's New Wills Wing Sport 2 - 155    hang glider
un-packed at Quest Air on Tuesday, 29th, - brought home to Stuart on Wednesday, 30th, 2007

I'm just learning how to set this thing up - it has something called "tip wands" something you have to 'tension' and that step is - like most things in life - 90% muscle and 10% technique, until you turn those parameters around and then it becomes 10% muscle, and 90% technique.  I'm about 70% the way there, now that I've practiced, a bit...

Also - driving it home, today - it's obvious that I do NOT NEED the "DLBB" coating on the bag, and it is obvious that I DO NEED more practice, but less wind to fly (it was blowing over 10 knots at Quest this morning when I left - it's now blowing, here in Stuart, 15-20 knots)...

Toyota MiniVan with Wills Wing on the Roof
this is what it looks like to drive this thing - (please not many dead bugs!)

WWS2 nearing ready
this is a 'general' picture - note how the bottom of the sail 'comes-down'
in the middle (it's zippered) to get to all the 'innards' (which are documented below)

this is the cross-bar (at the left of the picture and behind the blocks and yellow-line)
and the 'VG (Variable Geometry)' system at the right (Ronstan (sailboat) blocks).

Sprog attachment
this is something called a 'sprog' attachment point (inside the left wing), the sprogs
take the place (to some extent) of a 'Reflex Bridle' - something that helps prevent
the glider from 'nosing-over' (tumbling)...

this is where the left 'cross-bar' attaches to the leading-edge tube (again, inside the left wing)

VG and ground-handling-(right) wheel
this is a picture of where the 'VG' (Variable Geometry) control comes out of the 'down tube' near
where your right hand is when you fly... The wheels you see here are not 'really' for landing on,
they are more for pushing / pulling the glider around on the ground.

"Landing" wheels (and their connection / brackets, etc.) - are in another bunch of pictures
- but you can see a small image, here.  These (ar about 8" diameter, and the 'bushings' are
about 1.125" (1 1/8" diameter)  will eventually get on my new glider - but the
manufacturer of the wheels is in Germany and the manufacturer of the glider is in California
and the California types seem to have forgotten several parts (even though my dealer claims
he ordered them?)

hang strap;
this picture focuses on the 'Hang Strap' (big, white webbing) where the pilot "HANGS"

ready to go
this is a picture of the glider all rigged up and ready to fly - obviously no place to do that here in the yard!

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