Hang-Gliding by May and Bill

Hang Gliding adventures, here (near our home in Stuart, Florida) and all-about.

updated: Tuesday,  29th May, 2007:  
Got an e-mail on Monday evening (28th) that my glider is in Groveland, Florida at Quest Air...  So - I drove-up here to Quest on Tuesday morning and put it together.  Some pictures here - but too much wind to fly it today - maybe fly it a quick one or two 'sled-runs' tomorrow (Wednesday, 30th) morning if there's not too much wind?

For 'details' (more 'engineering' pictures) - click here to go to a separate page.

Bill's new glider
- a "Wills Wing" (manufacturer) Sport 2 (model) 155 (square feet (size)) - double-surface

Mr. Bob, Mr. Fender, and the Wills Wing bag (in the foreground).
Mr. Bob is working on the new 'control-bar-wheels'...

Mr. Bob, helping assemble the 'new' (correct length for Mr. Bill) hang-strap.
Mr. Bill is underneath doing the bottom-part of the assembly...

updated: Sunday, 20 May, 2007:

- I got three short flights in on Thursday morning 17th at Quest_Air in Groveland, Florida.   This is the hang-gliding park / air park where May and I took our lessons and where we first took our solo flights.   Though we fly a 'bit' at The_Florida_Ridge, we still like Quest_Air a lot.

I managed to not do any landings 'near perfectly' but I continued to insist that my knees are good 'skids' - which might be true except for the skin that seems to come off them upon repeated 'knee-landings'...

I will attempt to overcome this problem, soon, I hope.   (I don't have a lot of skin left)

My new glider will have wheels  (or larger) on it - so that will be nice.   In the meantime I'm told I have a good 'approach' and 'mostly' have been able to achieve good speed and geometry on  my landing attempts.    I just need to get my legs underneath me!

For those that are technically minded, or just interested because you have nothing better to do, all 3 flight-track-logs into one image here  ( or larger ) - short-flight(s) so not much going-on, not a heck of a lot of lift at 10:00 a.m. or so.

IF anyone is interested in the 3D view(s) of track-logs - just let me know, and I'll try to make them available.   Getting the 3D view(s) on the web is an 'extra step' but it is do-able - I have seen it used elsewhere.   If enough people are interested, I'll find out how to do it and make it available here.   I'll make it so you don't have to download some driver / application, also, but can just use your 2D mouse to 'mouse-around' and rotate the view(s) in 3D.

On Saturday morning,  I used the remaining red-vinyl-cloth to make-up a 'sausage bag'  (or larger) for my new hang glider.  This bag will protect the factory supplied bag from water and BUGS (it's "Love Bug Season" around here right now!) while the glider is on the roof of the mini-van.

I also made some new and re-made some old sand-screw bags. (Sand screws are twisted into the sand-soil whenever wherever we fly our hang-gliders to tie them down.) - larger image of sand-screw, bag, tool, tie-down-strap and buckle

Someone, (and I don't remember who), recently asked me for 'videos.   There are a number of videos, around, and I guess a LOT depends on what you want to SEE in the video...  I'm going to 'quote',  here, for you, - a  few videos - with links - some are on this (Bill & May's) web-site, some are on Google-Video and others you can find by going to "YouTube" - and just typing in 'hang gliding' in the search box - many that are there 'rotate' - some are newer than others, some are older....

May & Bill Videos:

click here:  (mountain-foot) launch: Bill's first mountain launch - Lookout Mountain Flight Park, Georgia (2 megs / 20 seconds)
click here:  (aero-tow) launch: May's flight on 17 March, 2007 at Quest Air in Groveland, Florida (2.7 megs / 10 seconds / ...avi

James (one of our friends, from the UK) videos on Google-Video:

click here:  (aero-tow) launch at Quest Air, Groveland, Florida  (20 megs / 2 minutes)
click here:  (foot-landing) at Quest Air, Groveland, Florida (20 megs / 2 minutes)

National Championships - 2006:

click here: 2006 National championships at Quest Air, Groveland, Florida (about 56 megabytes / about 10 minutes / ...wmv)

updated: Friday, 11 May 2007:

Spent quite some time researching hang-glider-2-meter-radio-antenna options today - some reading, some talking to radio-geeks & gurus and gurettes, some e-mailing, and so-forth - the bottom-line is this:

1.) Almost any hand-held radio transceiver (HT) will work 'in the air' (in the hang-glider) with (almost any) rubber-duckie antenna that comes with the hand-held.   The fact that you are airborne 'overwhelms' the opportunity for 'huge' antenna efficiency gains... The rubber-duckie that comes with the HT could be attached to the hang-strap (to keep it 'mostly' vertical with some BNC or TNC connectors and a piece of RG 58A / U coax cable but even this creates a minimal increase in antenna efficiency...

2.) HOWEVER, once you are on the ground - a 'vertical' rubber-duckie or more 'efficient' vertical antenna helps significantly - the 'most common' of these is a 'loaded' (coil-type on the base or in the middle) telescoping antenna which can be carried in the harness..

updated:  Thursday, 10 May 2007:

From some of Ms. Aggie's cloth that I brought home from Hong Kong,  I made a 'weatherproof' bag   (or bigger-image) for Ms. May's hang-glider.  This is a 'prototype' bag that will (we hope) protect the really nice bag (and the hang-glider) from weather wind, bugs, sun, and other such 'pests' when we car-top-carry our hang-gliders

Still don't know where my new glider is - Supposedly I'll get a call today and it'll be delivered to our Hang Gliding place late this week or early next week...

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